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Accredited Education Agents

Abbey College Australia greatly values the contribution provided by our Accredited Education Agents partners; we recognise their essential support part by assisting our future students to choose the best for their education goals. 

We are well known for offering excellent business opportunities and outstanding support for agents and ultimately to our students. If you are not one of our representative yet but wishes to represent our college, please visit “I’m a new agent”

*Agents applications are subjected to reference checks and approval.


Yang Lei 


P. 0415 883 066

Rafael Cherich

South America & Europe

P. 0415 088 266

Jimmy Kim


P. 0451 536 227

Vivian Huang


P. 0451 853 266

Bee Napat

Southeast Asia

P. 0424 469 542

Emily Nguyen

Southeast Asia

P. 0451 782 566

Shahed Khahir


P. 0424 856 852