Advanced Diploma of Translating

Advanced Diploma of Translating

PSP60816 | CRICOS CODE 093459F

The Advanced Diploma of Translating is a National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) accredited Professional Level Course. It aims to provide the students with contextual knowledge, bilingual skills in English and Chinese as well as ethics. This knowledge is needed to perform competently as a professional translator, the standard corresponding to NAATI professional levels. After successfully completing the course students will be well equipped with both theoretical and practical knowledge skills required for practicing as a translator from English into Chinese.

In addition to the regular training and assessments, this course also includes an extra 10 hours per week holistic training component specifically designed to meet such requirements.


高级翻译文凭是由国家笔译和口译认证机构(NAATI)认可的专业水平课程。 它旨在为学生提供上下文知识,中英文双语技能以及道德规范。 需要具备这些知识才能胜任作为专业翻译人员的工作,该标准对应于NAATI专业水平。 成功完成课程后,学生将具备从英语到汉语的翻译实践所需的理论和实践知识技能。

Course Structure

  • PSPTIS100 Apply codes and standards to professional judgement
  • PSPTIS101 Negotiate translating and interpreting assignments
  • PSPTIS060 Analyse text types for translation of special purpose texts (LOTE English)
  • PSPTIS061 Quality assure translations
  • CUAWRT401 Edit texts


  • PSPTIS062 Translate special purpose texts from English to LOTE
  • PSPTIS064 Read and analyse special purpose English texts to be translated
  • PSPTIS067 Demonstrate complex written LOTE proficiency in different subjects and cultural contexts
  • PSPTIS002 Build glossaries for translating and interpreting assignments
  • PSPTIS071 Translate multimedia source material
  • PSPTIS072 Use translation technology
  • PSPTIS065 Read and analyse special purpose English texts to be translated
  • PSPTIS003 Prepare to translate and interpret

Full time  Options:

Full time – 50 weeks

Fast-track- 25 weeks

Students must have/or be:

  • Be 18 years of age or above
  •  Completion of Year 12 or equivalent
  •  ESL (English as Second Language) applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English with an IELTS score of 6, or completion of a recognised Degree or Diploma or equivalent in any discipline from an English speaking country

Additionally for Fast-tracked students:

Undertake an intake test to demonstrate adequate competency in both English and LOTE (Language Other Than English) as part of the enrolment process

Students completing this qualification are eligible for credit against selected university degree programs.

Students successfully finishing the PSP60816 Advanced Diploma of Translation course may gain employment in the public and private sectors as an English to Chinese translator, either on a freelance or contract basis. In addition, many graduates may perform some translating tasks as part of their principal duties in jobs requiring translating, bilingual and cross-cultural communication skills, in different industries.

Full Time: $10000

Fast-track: $5000

2020 Intake Dates 2021 Intake Dates 2022 Intake Dates
06 Jan, 03 Feb 04 Jan, 01 Feb 03 Jan,31 Jan
06 Apr, 04 May 05 Apr, 03 May 04 Apr,02 May
06 Jul, 03 Aug 05 Jul, 02 Aug 04 Jul, 01 Aug
05 Oct, 02 Nov 04 Oct, 01 Nov 03 Oct, 31 Oct


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