Advanced Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering

Advanced Diploma of Telecommunications Engineering

ICT60615 | CRICOS CODE 099115D

This qualification reflects the role a technical specialist with high level skills and knowledge in telecommunications and information technology networks using internet protocol (IP) systems who can:

  • forecast network growth for enterprise network planning
  • design and manage IP based network telecommunications equipment
  • implement convergence technologies in enterprise telecommunications networks
  • design and manage optical and wireless network telecommunications architectures for high speed broadband capability.

Qualification Requirements

  • ICTPMG610 Develop a project management plan
  • ICTPMG611 Prepare a detailed design brief
  • ICTSUS601 Integrate sustainability in ICT planning and design projects
  • ICTTEN611 Produce an ICT network architecture design
  • ICTNWK509 Design and implement a security perimeter for ICT networks
  • ICTNWK502 Implement secure encryption technologies
  • ICTNWK518 Design an enterprise wireless local area network
  • ICTSUS602 Establish a business case for sustainability and competitive advantage in ICT Projects
  • BSBDES602 Research global trends
  • ICTNWK503 Install and maintain valid authentication processes

Full time – 104 weeks

Students must have/or be:

  • Complex computer skills with the ability to modify and save a document and to upload attachments.
  •  Access to computer and the internet.
  • 18 years old or above to apply for this course.

Satisfactory completed Year 12 of secondary education or its equivalent.


  •  For overseas students whose first language is not English an overall IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent. OR
  • Pass an Abbey College Australia entry test designed to assess the level of English proficiency that is equivalent to IELTS Academic 5.5.

Preferred pathways for candidates considering this qualification include:

  • Graduates of the Diploma of Telecommunications Engineering or other equivalent qualification or
  • Some vocational experience assisting in range of support roles without a formal business qualification.
  • After completing this course, students may gain entry to a degree course in the same or related field.

Students successfully finishing the ICT60615 Advanced Diploma of
Telecommunications Network Engineering course may gain employment in
a range of industries.

Examples of indicative job roles include:

  • Network engineering technical officer
  • Telecommunications network manager
  • Optical network designer
  • IP based convergence integrator
  • IP based optical network designer
  • Network security manager

Please be noted that work functions in the occupational areas listed above may be subject to licensing, regulations and registrations requirements. Students should contact the relevant State or Territory Department(s) to check for particular licensing/registration requirements in the State or Territory that you wish to work.


2020 Intake Dates 2021 Intake Dates 2022 Intake Dates
06 Jan, 03 Feb 04 Jan, 01 Feb 03 Jan,31 Jan
06 Apr, 04 May 05 Apr, 03 May 04 Apr,02 May
06 Jul, 03 Aug 05 Jul, 02 Aug 04 Jul, 01 Aug
05 Oct, 02 Nov 04 Oct, 01 Nov 03 Oct, 31 Oct


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