Why Study at
Abbey College Australia?

Why choose us

Studying in a college that supports you every step of the way is as important as having a nice and well-located campus, highly skilled trainers, outstanding customer service and a range of courses to help you to achieve
your education goals.


Choosing Abbey You Get

✔ A college with 17 years of experience

✔ A wide range of courses in Information Technology, Telecommunications Engineering, Network engineering, Business and Translating

✔ Pathways with some of the best universities in Australia

✔ Progressive training opportunities, from language schools straight to our Vocational courses

✔ Free language study groups

✔ Flexible timetables. Classes available from Monday to Sunday

✔ Online and Face -to-face training

✔ Intake calendar all year-round

✔ Career counselling

✔ Catch-up / Supporting classes for study & work Balance


✔ Prime location (3 minutes from Central station)

✔ Online and Physical Library with over 90 thousand titles

✔ Social and academic events for you and your friends

✔ Award winning Customer Service

✔ Student support in your language

2020 was a tough year for the whole world but we have more than 400 reasons to celebrate!
Through all our courses Abbey and its students reached a historical number of more than 400 students graduating from their courses and despite the obstacles, we have many reasons to cheer life with these heroes achievements!