About Us

Our Story

Through 17 years of a successful story, Abbey College Australia have graduated dozens of thousand of students from all over the world and proudly became one of the leading education providers in Sydney, offering work-ready training and qualifications that supply solutions to individuals and organisations to adapt and thrive even in fast-changing times.

The objective to help our students to reach their career goals is achieved by equipping them with relevant skills and training purposely-built by academic and industry experts, focused on employment outcomes, to ensure we graduate professionals with knowledge and attitudes the industries are looking for.

Abbey College australia has recently relocated its Sydney campus —large, modern and is positioned just 3 minutes walking distance of Central station. Abbey also invests a great deal in its staff development programs to ensure we are offering outstanding teaching methods and first-class customer service framework. Our core values are what make us so unique and appealing to students, partners and employees since 2005. The certainty that we have built a college able to help our students to step onto their pathway for success is what moves us to continue believing that “YOUR FUTURE BEGINS HERE”.


  • To improve people’s lives through bold, inspiring, relevant educational training programs and assessment services.
  • To assist individuals to move towards the realisation of their full potential with skills, knowledge, and the attitude to contribute to the continued development of our society and community as a whole.
  • To become a place where individuals have access to resources to achieve their career goals. Abbey College Australia, “YOUR FUTURE BEGINS HERE”.


Our core values influence our business model, our staffing and how we deliver the training education. This illustrates our high completion rates and exceptional students’ feedback. It is observed that Abbey College Australia’s business growth is expressively high compared to our competitors and the employment outcomes of our graduates remain one of the highest in the industry due to loyalty to our core values.

  • Integrity and ethical behaviour
  • Empowering learners to contribute to their educational growth
  • Fairness, access and equity for learners and staff
  • Excellence in teaching and innovative thinking
  • Responsiveness and good customer service
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Cultural diversity and an actively inclusive culture
  • Environmental responsibility and sustainability


Abbey College Australia’s objective is to become one of the top five training providers in Australia within the next 10 years, continuing to offer a wide, bold, and relevant range of Vocational training courses and Higher Education programs by 2025. By the year of 2040, Abbey College Australia aspire to become one of the top ten providers in the Asia Pacific, graduating over 10 thousand students every year by being a powerhouse of cutting-edge research, teaching and innovation.